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If you're interested in giving your child the best start, the best foundation, you've come to the right place! Parenting support through the lens of infant/early childhood mental health, child development, the brain, and providing your child's point of view.

Let me be your parenting partner!

Hi, I'm Julie Whitford, M.A. LPCC. I am a trained child and family therapist and now offer virtual parent coaching sessions. With over 15 years of experience working with Birth through 5 population, I have helpled countless number of families. I am also a mother of two young chidren. These early years are the most critical. You are making the right step to seek support now.

Parenting is the hardest job. What you need is a parenting partner. Subscribe to emails for tips and additional resources. Plus your FREE betime connection ideas guide!


But you're struggeling to make sense of what is happening in their internal world. You may be asking yourself is it normal development, is there more going on, or what am I missing?


What you need is someone to help guide, support, educate and strategize with you in a kind and empathetic manner.

Do you agree? Great!


You are seeking extra tools in your parenting toolbox.

You or your child have completed therapy and are looking for some additional support.

You desire a connected, healthy relaltionship with your child.

You need help understanding the behaviors you're noticing.

You would like some professional help instead of Aunt Betty's parenting advice

You want to parent differently than how you were parented. Hello cycle breakers!

What I DO provide:

Psychoeducation and child development

Support, encouragement, and validation

A space for self-reflection

A better understanding of your child's behaviors

Strategies and goals to meet your family's needs


During my work as a therapist, many parents often came to therapy looking for a diagnosis and for a professional to "fix" their child. The reality is that children do not develop in a vacuum, but develop in the context of the parent-child relationship, family system, and culture. And of course, genetics and temperament play a role.

What I learned over time was this: For lasting change, parents needed to be involved in the therapy. If you are willing to examine your own parenting and make conscious, intentional changes this is the right place for you.

A few years ago, I put my job on pause to have two babies two years apart. Becoming a mother was a life altering experience. It was indescribable beauty and immensly hard all at the same time. So many complex changes happening in my brain and body, as well as keeping up with the rapid rate at which children change and develop during the early years. And let's not forget about the neverending pressure, demands, and emotional overload on a daily basis.
Much later I reflected on the fact that our current culture has it all wrong. The process of becoming a mother and learning to mother our babies and children is being done in isolation. Our ancestors had a "village," where family members lived together and all helped raise the children. That village no longer exists. You may not have a village but I can be your parenting partner.

What I do NOT provide:

Mediation or couples counseling

Child or family therapy

Matters relating to custody, i.e. court appearances, testimonials, or any written documentation to the courts

Opinions on who is the "better" parent

Let's do this TOGETHER!

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